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Medical Health Checkup Center

Medical Health Checkup Center 23,
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Jian Medical Health Checkup Center

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Medical Health Checkup Center

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Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

Medical health checkup Introduction

Specialized checkup

  • Cardiovascular Tests
  • Brain Scanning

Health Checkup

  • VIP

physical examination procedures

  • physical examination procedures

  • 1. Please make a reservation 3 days in advance as comprehensive checkup requires one day for pretreatment . Reservation is available from 08:00 to 17:00.

  • 2. If you change the type and item of checkup, there is additional checkup fee.

    - If you select additional test, please make a decision after consultation.

    - If you select colonoscopy instead of gastroscopy, there is an additional cost.

  • 3. After checkup, we will provide a light meal (soup etc)to whom has a comprehensive checkup.

    STEP1. Reservation and Reception

    STEP2. Basic checkup (Height, Weight, eyesight)

    STEP3. Urine collection, Blood collection

    STEP4. IOP(intraocular pressure), Fundus (eye)

    STEP5. Pulmonary function test

    STEP6. Hearing test

    STEP7. Female Disease test

    STEP8. Ultrasound

    STEP9. Chest X-ray and CT

    STEP10. Endoscopy (stomach or colon)

    STEP11. Questionnaire

    STEP12. Dentistry

    STEP13. Return home after paying


  • Note for the day before checkup

    - Avoid overwork and drinking for 2 to 3 days before the checkup.
    - Please eat as usual until dinner on the day before your examination and fast after 10pm unless you have an intestinal examination.
    - If you have an intestinal examination, please refer to the attached intestinal examination guide (colonoscopy, colon CT).
    - Take stool sample one day before the examination or on the day of the examination. However, if you have reserved a colonoscopy, you should collect it before taking a laxative (preparation for intestinal examination).
    - Please keep the stool sample in the refrigerator to improve the accuracy of the test.
    - If you are woman and on the menstrual period on the date of checkup, the examination will be carried out except urine, stool, intestinal, and gynecological examination. Although you undergone hysterectomy, you still need a gynecological examination for other female organ. Women with no sexual intercourse experience do not have a Pap smear.
    - There are medications that must be discontinued 7 days prior to the examination due to the risk of bleeding during biopsy.
    - If you take medication, make sure to tell the prescribed doctor by 7 days before the test to check whether you should stop taking the medicine and its duration before the test. (This is because some medicine should not stop taking depending on the disease.)
    - We recommend to discontinuing following medicine 7 days before the test. Platelet aggregation inhibitor((Astrix, Aspirin Protect, Rhonal for Children, Aspirin, Flavitol, Plavix, Anfran, Anplag,Yuclid, Disgren, Pletaal)
  • Note for the day of checkup

    - Please do not inject insulin or take medicine on the morning of the day if you are diabetic.
    - Please take minimum amount of water early in the morning (about 6 am) if you take blood pressure tablet. Afterwards, please refrain from food, water, medicine, chewing gum and cigarette.
    - Please ensure to fill out the health questionnaire (medical questionnaire, nutrition questionnaire).
    - Please wear glasses on the day of test if you use a contact lens.
    - There is a urine test on the day of the checkup
    - Please use public transportation and be accompanied by a guardian if you undergo conscious sedation endoscopy as it may be difficult to work with attention or driving.
    -Please refrain from accompanying guardian unless you undergo conscious sedation endoscopy as there is no effect on the progress of the test.
    - You will pay the examination fee on the day at administration desk in the Health Promotion Center. (The method of payment is cash (cheque) and credit card.)
    - Please refrain from carrying valuables and bring children.
  • Note for female examinee the day before checkup

    - In case of female examinees, the checkup period is 8-9 days after menstruation (after menstruation is over), and a woman who has undergone hysterectomy needs a gynecological examination to check for abnormalities in the organ of pelvis.
    - Since a medical examination is performed together with a radiological examination, all women who are childbearing age should check their menstrual cycle to make sure whether there is a possibility of pregnancy.
    -It is recommended to stop sexual intercourse, vaginal tablets, and cream for 2-3 days before the test if you have Pap smear test(cervical cancer test).
    -Women with no sexual intercourse experience do not have a Pap smear.
  • Note for after checkup

    - Follow-up care after checkup (on the day of the checkup, management after the checkup result, etc.). After conscious sedation endoscopy, your mind may unclear for a while. Make sure to accompany your guardian on the day of the test and avoid making important decisions about the operation or handling of the machine after the examination.
    - You may have foreign body sensation of neck, heartburn, or general body ache after gastroscopy. In addition, gas may stay in your abdomen, diarrhea and a small amount of blood may be appeared after colonoscopy but symptoms disappear within1~2 days naturally. If symptoms are persistent or become severe, you must contact the Health Promotion Center.
    - Drug-induced allergic reactions can be seldomly occurred when you undergo test with a contrast agent. Mostly. it improves naturally within 1-2 days, but if you have severe urticaria or uncomfortable breathing and dizziness, you must contact the Health Promotion Center.