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Bone & Joint Center

Bone & Joint Center

We pursue conservative therapy with high-quality customized treatment for each patient and conduct accurate and safe treatment.


Naeun Hospital Bone & Joint Center establishes an advanced medical treatment system by introducing cutting-edge medical equipment and specialists in each field, thereby high-quality customized medical care can provide promptly and accurately. We pursue conservative therapy without surgery, according to the exact causes and diagnosis, and conduct customized minimally invasive surgery for the individual patient during surgery. Diagnosis and surgery can be done at the same time with advanced endoscopic equipment for precision examination, and the arthroscopy reduces bleeding, pain, and risk of infection. 또한 non-surgical therapy In addition, our non-surgical therapy system provides precise and safe treatment by customized treatment through exercise therapy, physical therapy, drug therapy, injection therapy, and extracorporeal shock wave therapy..

Medical Treatment

Arthroscopy, artificial joint, knees and shoulder joint

Characteristics of Bone & Joint Center

1. Treatment with state-of-the-art device
2. Non-surgical conservative treatment system
(drug therapy, physio therapy, injection therapy, extracorporeal shock wave therapy, rehabilitation therapy)
3. minimally invasive surgery
4. Professional medical treatment system with specialized cooperation system
5. ONE-STOP SYSTEM from test to surgery

Medical staff

Lee, Dong Yeop
Yang, Young Jun
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Lee Kyunghoon
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