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Breast ·Thyroid Cancer Center

Breast ·Thyroid Cancer Center (Exceeding 3000 cases of breast cancer surgery)

A world-class specialist, who is listed in the world biographical dictionary for breast and thyroid diseases provides the best medical services.


Breast cancer has the highest incidence among female cancer in Korea and is one of the five major malignancies in Korea. As it is highly likely to be cured with early detection and screening, you should have at least 2 years of regular checkups. A specialist medical staff in Naeun Hospital Breast Thyroid Center, who is listed as a world-class breast cancer specialist, establishes a systematic treatment system. We introduce state-of-the-art device to provide more accurate and safer treatment

Medical Treatment

Benign Breast disease, Breast cancer, Benign thyroid disease, Thyroid cancer, Mammotome, Breast reconstruction

Characteristics of Breast Thyroid Cancer Center

1. A world-class breast cancer expert, who is listed in the world biographical dictionary.
2. State-of-the-art device for accurate and safe treatment and surgery
3. ONE-STOP SYSTEM from test to surgery
4. Professional medical treatment system with specialized cooperation system.

Medical staff

Lee Jee Hyun
chung Myung-Hyun
Park, Soon Do
23.12.29 유영훈 소화기외과 과장 썸네일유영훈
Cho Jaeseung
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유영훈23.12.29 유영훈 소화기외과 과장 홈페이지
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