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Stroke Center

Stroke Center(exceeding 5000 cases of brain surgery)

One of the five skilled blood vessels specialist in Korea provides the world's best medical services for brain diseases and our stroke center establishes a 24-hour emergency care system The best medical staff in cerebrovascular disease promises accurate and safe treatment with systematic and professional diagnosis and state-of-the-art medical equipment. Moreover, a specialized medical team in the stroke intensive care unit provides the best medical services by standing by for 24-hour emergency situations. Cerebrovascular disease nurses have been deployed to improve patient satisfaction. Since initial treatment in the early stage of cerebrovascular disease have a great influence on the future outcome of treatment, all medical staffs are striving for prompt return to normal life from medical treatment to professional rehabilitation.

Medical Treatment

Cerebrovascular disease (stroke, brain hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, moyamoya disease), brain tumor, craniospinal surgery, peripheral nerve disease Characteristics of Stoke Center 1. One of the five skilled blood vessels specialist in Korea 2. Intensive care system in stroke intensive care unit 3. Accurate and safe surgery with the cutting-edge medical equipment 4. One-to-one custom care system for specialized nurses 5. Professional medical treatment system with specialized cooperation system 6. 24 hour cerebrovascular vessel emergency medical team is on standby

Medical staff

Han, Young Min
Kim, So Eun
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Huh, Hon
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