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Artificial kidney center

Artificial kidney center

Nephrology specialists and professional nurses provide the personalized care with customized dialysis systems. Artificial Kidney Center provides the best medical services for the patients to feel comfortable like their family with the state-of-the-art dialysis device and patient monitoring for emergencies. We operate hemodialysis device from Germany and Japan and state-of-the-art blood dialysis device to provide accurate and safe blood dialysis. The experienced nephrology specialist and professional nursing staff monitor the condition of dialysis patients closely and provide high quality medical service.

Medical Treatment

Chronic renal failure, hemodialysis, hematuria, proteinuria, other kidney diseases, peritoneal dialysis, dialysis treatment

Characteristics of Artificial Renal Center

1. Cutting-edge hemodialysis device
2. Luxurious treatment environment like a hotel
3. Nephorology specialist, professional nursing staff reside
4. Emergency equipment and professional medical team

Medical staff

Jin, Kyoung Soon
24.02.02 윤정아 신장내과 과장 썸네일윤정아
Yoon Jung A
Ji, Eun Young
정원상24.04.02 정원상 홈페이지
윤정아24.02.02 윤정아 신장내과 과장 홈페이지
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